Mitch Heilman - Wooster Warriors AAU Basketball

Mitch Heilman

Jersey #: 10
High School: Ashland HS
League/Conference: OCC
Division: 1
HS Coach: Jason Hess
Position(s): Point Guard, Shooting Guard
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170
Age: 16
Birthday: 5/11/01
GPA: 3.6
Grade: 10th
Graduate Year: 2020

Achievements (Sports):
Honorable Mention All-Conference,
2nd Team All District 6,
Led team in Assists,
Free Throw %, minutes played,
3rd in scoring average.

Other Sport: Football

I grew up an only child and have been playing sports since the age of 5. I remember falling in love with the game of basketball at that age. I have enjoyed playing the game ever since. The two sports I play today are basketball and football. I am the quarterback of my high school team. I am the point guard of the basketball team. I love competing with my teammates in the sports and will do whatever it takes to win.