Wooster Warriors Kade Ruegsegger

Kade Ruegsegger

Jersey #: 4
High School: Dover HS
League/Conference: ECOL
Division: 1
HS Coach: Bob VonKaenel
Position(s): Point Guard, Shooting Guard
Height: 6’3
Weight: 160
Age: 16
Birthday: 6/12/01
GPA: 4.0
Grade: 10th
Graduate Year: 2020

Achievements (Sports): Dover – Best Offensive Player,
Best 3pt. shot %,
1st Team All-League,
1st Team District 5 All-Stars Division 1,
1st Team Eastern District Division 1,
Special Mention Division 1 All-Ohio.

Achievements (Academics):
Academic Letter Winner,
Honor Roll.

School Groups:
Member of FCA.

Other Sport(s):

I am currently a sophomore at Dover High School. I play quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back on our football team. This past season I started at shooting guard for our varsity basketball team. I also played some point guard and small forward. When not playing sports I enjoy spending time with friends and family and participating in church youth group activities. Academics are very important to me. I currently rank 12th out of 254 in my class. I am undecided on a major but playing basketball at the college level has always been a goal of mine.